Organization of the 80th Division AEF

The 80th Division, a National Army Division, was organized at Camp Lee, near Petersburg, Virginia in September 1917, with Major-General Adelbert Cronkhite, commanding.

Major General Adelbert Cronkhite 80th Commander
Major General Adelbert Cronkhite

The Division was organized as follows:

159th Infantry Brigade: 317th Infantry Regiment, 318th Infantry Regiment, 313th Machine Gun Battalion.

160th Infantry Brigade: 319th Infantry Regiment, 320th Infantry Regiment, 315th Machine Gun Battalion.

155th Field Artillery Brigade: 313th Field Artillery Regiment (75mm), 314th Field Artillery Regiment (75mm), 315th Field Artillery Regiment (155mm), 305th Trench Mortar Battery.

Divisional Troops: 314th Machine Gun Battalion, 305th Engineer Regiment, 305th Field Signal Battalion, 305th Train Headquarters and MP, 305th Ammunition Train, 305th Supply Train, 305th Engineer Train, 305th Sanitary Train (Ambulance Companies & Field Hospitals 317, 318, 319, 320).

The enlisted personnel of the 80th Division were draftees drawn from Virginia, West Virginia and the western counties of Pennsylvania, giving the division the name of “The Blue Ridge Division.”

The Division suffered 1,241 men killed in action; 4,788 men wounded in action; 100 men as prisoners of war or missing in action. There were 4,495 men received as replacements. The Division advanced a total of 24 miles and captured a total of 1,813 German prisoners of war.

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